Lamb Dog Food

California Natural Grain Free Lamb Meal Formula Dry Dog FoodMany pet owners and experts alike are saying that lamb dog food is one of the best things you can give your dog.

Not all dog foods are created equal. On one hand you have a cheaper pet food that claim to be high in protein (a must in dog food), and on the other you have one that is high in protein, but it also comes at a much higher price. What’s the difference? While protein is crucial in a dog’s diet, the QUALITY of protein included plays a big part in whether or not the dog will have good health.Natures Variety Prairie Lamb and Oatmeal Recipe Dry Dog Food

Corn and soy are high protein ingredients that are substandard in quality as compared to animal protein sources. These ingredients are also cheap so that explains why the prices are lower for pet foods based on these proteins. The problem is that they don’t sit well with dogs and a diet of this sort will eventually take its toll on your pet’s body.

Canidae All Life Stage Formula Chicken Turkey Lamb and Fish MealsKeep in mind that dogs are carnivorous. Unlike humans that have glands in our saliva that help in processing vegetables, dogs do not. This is why they cannot digest certain protein food like corn and soy well. You will notice that dogs that are on this diet have dull hair, flaky skin and are often lethargic. These ingredients are simply not an ideal canine diet – they certainly are not the foods that dogs were accustomed to in the wild!

California Natural Lamb Meal and Rice Dry Puppy FoodThe best type of protein you can give your dog is meat. While poultry has been the first choice for many years, more and more people are understanding and taking full advantage of using lamb as the protein of choice. Many dogs prefer the taste, and has proven to be easy on the stomach and good for dogs who have skin allergies as well.

Lamb Dog Food vs. Chicken Dog Food

Holistic Select Adult Health Lamb Meal Recipe Dry Dog FoodInitially, not a lot of people use lamb for their dog’s food. However there have been many cases where dogs were allergic to chicken and other kinds of protein so lamb was introduced to their diet. In time, pet owners realized that not only are the dogs on this diet doing fine, they are actually thriving with lamb based meals. Eventually, dog food companies caught on and started creating lamb dog foods that are specially formulated for the dog’s optimal health.

Dogswell Happy Hips Lamb and Rice Dog TreatsSo why is lamb such a great ingredient in dog food? Lamb dog food has been touted as one of the best sources of protein for dogs. When once lamb was just a good alternative for dogs allergic to chicken and beef, now it has become the first choice when choosing what food to feed our dogs. Lamb is naturally rich in essential amino acids that greatly benefit canine health.

California Natural Lamb Meal and Rice Large Bites Dry Adult Dog FoodDogs that are on lamb diets look better and have more energy. It doesn’t hurt that dogs seem to love its gamey taste and scent, making meal times easier for both pet and master alike. Lamb may be a little bit more expensive than the regular dog food, but the improved change you see in your dog is well worth the difference in price.

Ingredients in Lamb Dog Food Brands

Halo Spots Stew for Dogs Wholesome Lamb Recipe Canned Dog foodNow, not all lamb dog foods are as good as the others. Some are obviously of cheaper quality, with the makers trying to outsmart the pet owner by using meat by-products instead of the actual meat itself. What is a meat by-product? This is the inedible parts of the animals like the feet, wool, and even disease flesh such as tumors. Such manufacturers mask the taste and appearance by loading the food up with a lot of chemicals and preservatives. If you wouldn’t feed these things to your dog as single ingredients in a home made diet, then you shouldn’t let cheap dog food containing such ingredients near your dog, regardless of cost.

Stella and Chewys Dandy Lamb Freeze Dried Dinner Dog FoodAs much as you are able, choose only dog food that is natural, and you can also opt for organic to be extra cautious. The less the preservatives added into the dog food, the better it is for your pet. Freeze dried and dehydrated lamb dog foods are recommended by many experts because this is the mildest processing method there is.
Primal Canine Raw Frozen Lamb FormulaWith frozen dog food, the food is simply frozen with all the nutrients intact. Dehydrated dog food on the other hand only removes the moisture from the food, using little heat that will not compromise the nutritional value of the meal. You only have to soak the dehydrated food in warm water or broth for a few minutes before serving it to your pet.

Lamb Dog Food is Good for Dogs with Allergies

Natures Logic Lamb Dinner Fare Canine Canned FormulaDog food that have no grains are the ones you should look for for your pet. Many types of grains are usually the reason why dogs develop allergies. This is not to say that you should ONLY give your dog meat meat and more meat. Some vegetables and fruits will also be good for them. These vegetables should be listed third or fourth in the ingredients (the first two being the meat), and the vegetables in the mix should be quality fare that have not been tampered with by chemicals that may enter your dog’s system and compromise your dog’s health in the long run.

Wellness Complete Health Lamb Barley and Salmon Meal Formula Dry Dog FoodAs long as you are looking for meat based food for your dog, be aware that you should avoid those that are vague in listing their ingredients. Dog food that say that it is “meat based” or “poultry based” are questionable and you should just walk away from them. Look for those that clearly state the specie of the meat ingredients included in the dog food like Lamb, Chicken, Beef or what have you. The best dog foods also include on the package details of the nutritional content and value of each ingredient to better inform you of what you can expect from the food you feed your pet.

Lamb Dog Food Brands


ZiwiPeak Natural New Zealand Tripe Lamb and Venison Daily Cuisine Canned Dog FoodSo what are the some of the best lamb dog food brands that you can use for your dog? Keep in mind that while there are dog food brands that people can recommend, only you know your dog and his background. You need to make the decision on what works best for your dog, in line with all the advice and tips that you have heard. With that said, here are some great dog food brands that you can try out for your pet.

1 – Stella and Chewy’s Raw Dinners Freeze Dried Lamb Dog Food

Stella and Chewys Dandy Lamb Freeze Dried Dinner Dog FoodThis top notch dog food is a favorite with many pet owners. It contains chunks of fresh meat (lamb that was raised naturally), organic vegetables and fruits, with no grains or sugars or fillers to compromise your dog’s health. Stella and Chewy’s Freeze Dried Lamb dog food also has essential fatty acids incorporated into the meal to improve dog hair texture and shine. Being Freeze Dried, this dog food underwent minimal processing which ensures that the ingredients retain their nutritional content. No harmful preservatives were used and it is easy to serve. Simply add a bit of warm water into the food and let it soak for a few minutes before serving to your dog.

2 – Nature’s Variety Prairie Lamb & Oatmeal Recipe Dry Dog Food

Natures Variety Prairie Lamb and Oatmeal Recipe Dry Dog FoodNature’s Variety is an established dog food brand with a number of other dog food varieties. Their lamb and oatmeal dry dog food is one of their better ones as it gives a good mix of meat and vegetables into the dog’s diet. The first ingredient on this dog food is lamb, the second one being lamb meal. When lamb is processed, its content is significantly reduced because it loses its moisture and lamb is high in moisture. Lamb meal is a good addition because it contains around 300% more protein than you would find in fresh lamb. The third ingredient is coarsely ground oats that are rich in fiber and essential vitamins. Also included in this dog food is another high protein meat source, turkey.

3 – Halo Spot’s Stew Canned Lamb Dog Food

Halo Spots Stew for Dogs Wholesome Lamb Recipe Canned Dog foodThis dog food is well loved by canines for its tastiness and rich smell. While dry dog food is often recommended because of its use of milder processing methods, canned, wet dog food is ideal for picky eaters and dogs that do not drink a lot. The chicken broth in Halo Spot’s Stew Lamb dog food will entice even the most fussy of dogs making it a good meal for people who want their dogs to put on or at least maintain weight. Aside from Lamb, this dog food also contains beef liver, an organ meat that is rich in nutrients that is good for the canine constution. It also has a good mix of vegetables that add to this dog food being a nutrient rich, complete meal. Notably, it also has flaxseed oil which is an ingredient that is known to be rich in omega fatty acids (usually found in fish) which is excellent for canine heart health.

4 – Merrick Texas Hold ‘Ems Lamb Lung Filet Dog Treats

Merrick Texas Hold Ems Lamb Lung Filets Dog TreatsWhile not a dog food meal in itself, this is one lamb dog treat that is recommended by almost every pet owner who has this in their cabinet for one reason – dogs love this! This delicious dog treat is not only a treat for the canine taste buds, it is also soft, chewable, and easily digestible which makes it perfect to use for training and snacks for dogs of all ages. These lamb lung chewies are high in protein and give your dog a sufficient burst of energy throughout the day. If you are one of those who feed their dogs one or two full meals, then this is a good supplement for their in between meal snacks and treats. A tip for you, when out with your dog and using the treats as a training aid, don’t take the whole bag with you lest your dog sniff it out and pester you till you give him everything. Put a few treats in a sealable plastic bag and keep it in your pocket until needed. While these dog food are good alternatives for your dog’s diet, it is still recommended by most experts to feed your dog fresh and natural food. If uncooked meat makes you uncomfortable, then you can lightly boil or grill the meat before serving it to the dog. Remove the bones before cooking because cooked bones can splinter and become a choking hazard. Serve the bones whole and raw or cook them, crush them and sprinkle them all over the meal.

Changing Your Dog’s Diet for Health Reasons

Wellness Simple Lamb and Oatmeal Formula Dry Dog FoodYour dog might have health issues that require a change in his diet. If you need to switch him from a particular food to a lamb based diet, then do so gradually. Any sudden change in food can cause stress and indigestion. Monitor your dog’s calorie intake so your dog maintains the right weight for his age and size.

Lastly, even if you do give him the best dog food there is, it is critical that you exercise your dog daily. Not only does this prevent a myriad of dog sicknesses like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease – it also satisfies his migratory instinct, provides a good outlet for excess energy, sharpens his mental skills and most importantly, gives both of you the much needed quality time together. Do these simple tips and you can be sure that your dog will enjoy a long and happy life with you.Natures Variety Instinct Grain Free Limited Ingredient Diet Lamb Formula Canned Dog Food

If you don’t have time to prepare a natural diet for your pet, then go ahead and purchase a well-balanced, nutritious lamb dog food like the ones that was mentioned earlier, because the important thing is that your dog receives the best possible nutrition available to him so he can grow strong and healthy in the years to come.


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